GO GREEN Waste Recycling (LEED®)

Patuxent Roll-Off, LLC’s comprehensive waste management programs will help to achieve the recycling requirements for LEED® Green Building Standard and Green Building management programs.

The LEED® program is a Green Building recycling program which implements documentation of materials being recycled, including the percentage and type of materials being recycled throughout the construction process. Typically, 100% of the raw material brought into our facilities can be recycled which can be crushed into various sizes for reuse. Any metals contained in the raw material are also separated and recycled at an off-site facility.


Acceptable Materials

Types of materials that can be recycled are listed, but are not limited to:

  • Cardboard/plastics
  • Drywall board
  • Non-treated wood products
  • Broken/crushed asphalt/millings, concrete/block/brick/stone veneers
  • Metals
  • Crushed slag of various sizes

Product Matching

Our Waste Management Coordinators can develop and implement an Innovative recycling program specific to the needs of each customer and job requirement. Our recycling specialists will prepare a specific waste management recycling plan and provide necessary information about recycling options and prepare and document all necessary information for each project.

Accompanying Services

We also offer contract crushing and processing services for on-the-job recycling projects. By utilizing portable crushing and screening equipment, along with a variety of crushers, screens and heavy support equipment, we offer mobility in processing recycled products to meet customers’ specifications. We provide roll-off and front loader services for removal and sorting. Hourly truck rental is also available for hauling off concrete, asphalt, and brick.